PERFECT FOR COOPERATIVE PLAY: The Ladybug Flower Tower from BeginAgain is a fun game kids can play together! Kids of all ages will love stacking up the Ladybugs, but don't knock the tower over or you lose
ROLL THE DICE AND TAKE YOUR CHANCES: Fill up your flower stem with ladybugs of the same color, the dice will tell you which to pick and how to place it one eye closed, with your left hand, and so much more! The Ladybug Flower Tower offers hours of entertainment for children of all ages!
ECO-FRIENDLY TOYS: At BeginAgain Toys, all of the products are designed with the environment in mind. Wood is sustainably harvested from Rubber Trees to make all of the wooden pieces and playsets, while the sap of the tree is converted into the natural rubber bath toys. Any products that contain plastic have been created using recycled plastics as well as bioplastics made from sugar, wheat and corn. BeginAgain is working towards a greener world one toy at a time!